Painting and Decorating to Sell Your Home

There is nothing like a good coat of house paint to freshen up the street appeal of your home. And to go that extra step to ensure the best possible sale, interior painting and decorating will top it off. So, here are some painting, decorating and other ways to make sure your house is in a good condition to sell.


Real Estate has always been a very competitive market, particularly in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. However, although there are some people who are desperate to buy a house in some areas, its important you take steps to ensure that you've done all you can to make your house as attractive and marketable as possible.

It is said that the average house buyer has no specific vision on what it is they want when they start out on the search for a new house – which means you need to make them envision themselves within your house as easily as you possibly can. Things like dark or dull paintwork is a definite turn off – as are stained, worn, smelly or old carpets – these are two things which need to be taken care of. Professional Express Painters Brisbane can help you with all aspects of interior and exterior house painting as well as minor repairs to your walls and ceilings.

To appeal to everyone, it is not a good idea to get radical with your paint colours. Keep it neutral - walls should be painted off white, antique white or maybe even very pale and pastel shades.
Another tip to ensure your house sells is to make sure you've removed your personal 'imprint'. Step back and look at the house impartially, then look to remove anything that screams 'my personality' and 'my personal space'.


Real estate is all about presentation, so engaging the services of Express Painters Brisbane before putting your house on the market will ensure your house looks is looking its very best, gains the most possible interest from buyers, and fetches the highest possible price. 

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